A message from Mr. Dale Lemke, Cofounder of CelebrateBald.com

I have been losing my hair since I turned twenty-five. (I guess it is in my genes!) But after going through two bouts of cancer, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery, I know that a lot of people are not bald through heredity or by choice.

I've been healthy for a few months and now I'm strong enough to give back through CelebrateBald.com. We give a percentage of our profits to charities preventing cancer. 

I still want others to know how important cancer research is and to donate to find a cure. I want those with cancer to not give up. Having a positive attitude and talking to others about it is half the cancer battle.

Whether you are bald by choice, by heredity, or by cancer, I want everyone to announce to the world their pride (and we won’t give up until cancer is cured!) 


 -Dale Lemke